I'm a UX and visual designer in Seattle, WA.




Abra is a global, peer-to-peer, digital cash, money transfer App. Abra uses Blockchain technology for secure money transfers and payments while protecting the value of deposits in local currency.

PROJECTS: Marketing Website Redesign, App Download UX
MY ROLE: UX, Visual Design


Marketing Website Redesign

Challenge: Abra was gearing up for an App release and wanted improvements to their website to better reflect their brand and give users an easy way to download the App.

Process: I worked closely with the VP of Marketing to refine elements of the Abra brand while simultaneously redesigning their website to have a more modern appearance with improved typography, iconography, and photography. I clarified the language across the site, including on the main call-to-action button on the homepage, and reduced emphasis on competing buttons.

Outcome: The result is a much simplified mobile-friendly website that better reflects the Abra brand.

My Role: UX, Visual Design


App Download UX

Challenge: There were several use cases for for the App download process on the website depending on whether or not the user's location and device were detectable, and if the App was supported in their country. The goal was to streamline each scenario.

Process: I examined the current UX and looked for ways to reduce the amount of friction it took for the user to actually download the app. I created wireframes to clearly indicate each use case and communicate the appropriate design to the developer. 

Outcome: The App download process was simplified and barriers to download were removed.

My Role: UX, Visual Design


Tara has a great aesthetic sense and helped me think through site structure and even content. Because the initial work she delivered was so on target, there was very little back and forth in terms of design iterations. Throughout the process, she was highly organized, fast, meticulous, responsive, and just all around pleasant to work with.

Liz O'Donnell
VP of Marketing, Abra