I'm a UX and visual designer in Seattle, WA.



Amazon UX Design Internship

November 2011 - May 2012

PROJECTS: Responsive Checkout and Navigation, Paper Prototypes, Infographic Poster, Interactive Icon Redesign
MY ROLE: UX, Visual Design


Responsive Checkout

Challenge: The goal of this project was to create a responsive checkout experience for endless.com based on their current web platform. It was important that the use cases for each page (i.e. error messages, multiple shipping addresses, etc.) were considered in full.

Process:  There weren't many standards in place for responsive design when I undertook this project, nor were there many softwares that expedited the design process when it came to mobile interaction. I created mockups in Illustrator for each page and explored what the screens would look and feel like when viewed on a mobile device by viewing JPG versions of the mockups on my phone. This gave me an idea of what font sizes were legible, and which button sizes were comfortable to tap. I also referenced the endless.com iOS app (and other eCommerce sites and apps) for usability references. 

My Role: UX


Responsive Navigation

Project: Endless was making the jump to a responsive website. Because of restrictions on a complete site redesign, responsive features were being applied one-by-one.

Process: I created several variations of a responsive flyout navigation. The project guidelines did not place limitations on visual redesign; I had fun experimenting with new type treatments and colors.

Outcome: This project provided me with an opportunity to become more acquainted with responsive design techniques and explore visual design treatments on an existing feature.

My Role: UX, Visual Design


Responsive "Shoveler" Widget Paper Prototypes

Project: Like Endless, Amazon was beginning to apply responsive features individually to their site. I was tasked with exploring responsive concepts on the "shoveler" widget. 

Process: I created mockups from paper and cardboard for various device sizes and made short stop-motion videos to demonstrate the intended action of the widget. This allowed me to explore several concepts and communicate them without visual design as a distraction.


Infographic Poster

One of my goals as an intern at Amazon was to improve my graphic design skills by working on visually focused projects. When I heard that a senior UX researcher was looking for help creating an infographic poster about Amazon customers, I jumped on the opportunity. The poster was created to be shown internally to communicate vital yet often overlooked or forgotten stats about Amazon customers. Three versions of the poster were created to reflect values specific to the US, China, and France.

My Role: Graphic Design


"Look Inside the Book" Redesign

To become acquainted with the newly launched Amazon design tenets, I created a series of mock-ups for a redesign of the Look Inside the Book logo. I used Axure to  explore subtle animations and interactions. 

My Role: Visual Design, Interactive Design

Tara was an intern on my team at Amazon. She was a versatile and diligent designer, whose work showed a real commitment to working within design constraints to get to strong solutions. She was especially strong at exploring prototyping methods in her work, and worked closely with other designers and researchers to focus her prototyping work. I enjoyed working with her personally and found her to be a great team member and contributor. 

Andrew Otwell
UX Design Manager, Amazon