I'm a UX and visual designer in Seattle, WA.


App, Marketing Website - UX and Visual Design



BluePen is an SMS-based business education platform with on-demand coaches catering to aspiring entrepreneurs' needs.

PROJECTS: App, Marketing Website
MY ROLE: UX, Visual Design


BluePen App

Challenge: BluePen was launching a SMS-based coaching app. The goal was to create a personal experience, while encouraging users to engage with members-only content.

Process: After researching other SMS-based apps, I created a few sketches to visualize the flow of the app, and soon after jumped into Illustrator to create the screens with visual styles applied. I delivered redlines redlines to the development team to communicate design specs.

My Role: UX, Visual Design


Marketing Website

Challenge: BluePen didn't have a website or any visual styles established. The goal was to create authenticity and convey BluePen as a thought-leader in business coaching while simultaneously defining the BluePen brand.

Project: Working closely with the CEO, I created a content-focused website that reflected the company mission and values while establishing visual guidelines for the brand. 

My Role: UX, Visual Design