I'm a UX and visual designer in Seattle, WA.



BrewPulse App

PicoBrew, a homebrewing appliance company, was in the midst of launching a Kickstarter for their latest appliance, the Pico C, with the promise of an app to accompany the machine. I was tasked with creating an app that would aid brewers in their process and allow them to monitor the various stages of brewing from the app.

My Role: App UX
Outcome: High-Fidelity App Wireframes, Visual Design Explorations, InVision Prototype


Research / Analysis / Planning

Using data from current Pico users from PicoBrew’s customer service team, Facebook groups, Instagram, homebrewing forums, and Kickstarter comments, I identified common pain points and then created personas that represented PicoBrew’s current user base.

I highlighted user needs, product objectives, proposed app features, and success criteria in a “Project Brief” format that could be referenced throughout the project.

To establish the basic hierarchy and structure for the app, I worked with the Director of UX to perform an internal card sorting exercise. We found a balance between user needs and business goals and identified the key features users needed to aid them in their brewing process, while keeping the functionality of the existing website (shopping experience, blog, etc.).



I designed an app that incorporated the functionality of the existing mobile website (shopping experience, blog, etc.) but with an added dashboard to aid in the brewing process. The dashboard was designed to allow brewers to monitor the brewing/fermentation process, give step-by-step brewing instructions, and send push notifications to the brewer when action is needed.


Visual Design Explorations

Although the app UX was my main focus, I began to explore visual design concepts in order to have more realistic prototypes. I aligned the app’s aesthetic with the existing PicoBrew brand guidelines, paving the way forward for the visual design team to refine the design further after the prototyping stage.



Once a basic visual stye was established, I created prototypes in InVision to be shared amongst stakeholders for concept approval, and for user testing. The visual design team then took over to finalize the UI.